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Daniels Tailors

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Daniels Tailors

5657 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, NS    B3J3R4

Raad Antounious Daniel, was born in Lebanon in a small town know as Braissat, north of the country. Mr. Daniel was taught the tailoring trade by master tailor, Mr. Al-Hiweli which was one of Lebanons finest tailoring houses in the north. At the age of twelve, Mr. Daniel apprenticed there for six years. From here, Mr. Daniel opened his first bespoke shop in Triploi at the age of eighteen.

Mr. Daniel then immagrated to Canada in 1971. He began his first job at Claude W. Vincent. At this tailoring house Mr. Daniel was in charge of assembling collars and hanging sleeves. From there, Mr. Daniel worked his way to head fitter and then was promoted to assistant forman to the production.

Mr. Daniel put the culmination of his experince together and founded Daniels Tailors in 1981. Presently, a family owned and operated business.

"... tailoring, is all about the fit, regardless the cost of a garnment."

— Raad Antounious Daniel