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Thanos Kitchen

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Thanos Kitchen

1209 Marginal Rd
Halifax Seaport Farmer Market
Halifax, NS    B3H 4P7

Thanos’ Kitchen serves traditional Greek and
Mediterranean recipes adapted to the new era.

Olive oil and fresh ingredients from local farmers are essential for traditional authentic Greek food prepared by an experience and dedicated chef. Thanos puts those ingredients together to make unique dishes from countries throughout the Mediterranean. His passion is to make Greek food at its best whether it’s breakfast waffles, pasta, soup, salad, sandwiches, hot meals and more. Every meal and delicious dessert is prepared daily in our kitchen from scratch.
.Vegetarian, vegan friendly and gluten-free dishes
are available.
This is not your ordinary Greek cuisine, it's more than
that. Being backed and served by a chef from the
Homeland herself.